Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resin Hits

Before addressing updates to the blog and future plans, I would like to talk about resin hits, for those of you who don't know or haven't heard.

We have all been there before; you're out of weed, you're bored, and you need something to do. Well, if you have an bong or pipe that you have been smoking out of for a while you may be in luck. You see, after prolonged use the bowl of a bong or pipe can build up resin from the weed that has been smoked out of it. So if you have had a bowl or pipe that you have used for a long time, you could get high from smoking out of it even without weed! Just smoke out of it as if it had weed in it and you can catch a buzz. I'm not surprised if you're sceptical, but try it. You really have nothing to lose.

Now, on to blog updates. Diary of a Pot Smoker is now on Photobucket, and we are streaming pictures from that profile on the blog via slide show. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the top left hand corner of the blog. There is a link to the Photobucket album under the slide show, but if you're too lazy to look for it you can reach the album here.

The next two things that we want put up on the blog for our readers are pot related recipes, and links to several different marijuana related websites (just in case you cant find what you are looking for here). Until next time.

-John Smith

Monday, January 10, 2011

Open for your pleasure!

Welcome all to The Diary of a Pot Smoker, THE blog for the cannabis fan and your one stop spot for all things related to the best plant god put on this earth!

As of now, the blog is pretty skimpy. However, we have plans to expand our boarders rapidly in hopes of providing you with all thing marijuana related. We have big plans for this humble blog, but some of them include:
  • Recipes
  • Pictures
  • All sorts of handy info!
  • Do-it-yourself instructions for all sorts of homemade pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and more.
  • Great music for the pot lover.
  • Anything else that our readers ask or demand of us.
This blog is going to be a direct reflection of our readers and there wishes. We deeply encourage our readers to talk to us and discuss with each other what they want from Diary of a Pot Smoker. After all, giving pleasure and information our readers are the only reason we do this and the only reason we will continue to do so.

And at that, I will wrap up this post. Next post will be ready for your viewing pleasure no later than the day after tomorrow. If there is something in particular you would like discussed, say so in the comments below. May this blog stay afloat for a long time, and may we meet your marijuana needs, each and every day, until the end of the Internet!

-John Smith