Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crack?! In my weed?!?!

Good afternoon (or morning, whatever) ladies and gentlemen. Today I come to you to share a story involving emotional pain, call of duty, and crack cocaine.

I bought an oz of "Dank Shit" from a friend of a friend over the past weekend, and have been smoking out of it sparingly. Two nights ago however, a friend and I baked out my car while I was parked in my driveway. This was more of my new weed than I had smoked at once... so needless to say I was pretty fucking stoned. So we go back inside, and I notice I am felling a little strange. I'm clenching my teeth, shaking uncontrollably, and am feeling extremely disoriented- moving my head from one direction to the other actually made me feel physically nauseous. I ignore my ailments for a while and get on Call of Duty: Black Ops hoping that occupying my mind with something would help. I was wrong. About 2 minutes into the first match (the shaking was ruining my ability to play, so I wasn't having that good of a time) I thought for fucking sure that I felt a huge ass cockroach crawling up my chest. I. Flipped. The. Fuck. Out. Not as bad as I flipped once I looked down and realized that nothing was there. I promptly turned off COD and got in bed, wanting to end this experience as quickly as possible. I feel asleep after the worst part of the experience had ended, but ever since that night I sometimes think that I am feeling bugs crawling under my skin.
That experience was unlike ANYTHING I have ever had while high, and I am worried that my weed has been laced with crack cocaine. Now, I am a firm believer for trying most everything at least once, but I'm sure that you all can sympathise with how I'm feeling right now: pissed, worried, and a little cautious. I'm the only one that had this kind of experience from smoking the weed (neither my friend nor my brother can attest to have had the same kind of high), so I'm not totally certain that the weed has been laced, I may have just been tripping out. Im debating on either I should trash the rest of my oz or not, I could use some sound advice if you all have it.
In other news, my old computer died on me and I just got my new one a week ago, so I apologize for my prolonged absence. I thought that you all would enjoy(?) this story, so I figured that I may as well "re-open" the blog with it.
Well, that's all for today. Stay stoned friends, and remember: smoke responsibly. Don't be giving the rest of us a bad name :)

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